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06-18-2017 01:18 PM

Ruling on hanging verses of the Qur'an on walls La disposition rgissa

Ruling on hanging verses of the Qur'an on walls

La disposition rgissant laccrochage de quelques versets aux murs


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06-18-2017 01:19 PM

Ruling on hanging verses of the Qur'an on walls

Praise be to Allaah.
Hanging plaques and cloths containing aayaat of the Quraan in homes, schools, social clubs and places of business, involves a number of reservations and prohibitions according to Islam, such as the following:
(1) In most cases, hanging such things on the wall is done for purposes of decoration and adornment, as the aayaat etc. are written in calligraphy and colourful brocade. This is an inappropriate use of the Quraan, as it was revealed to guide people and to be read regularly. The Quraan was not revealed to decorate walls, but to guide mankind.
(2) Some people hang up such things for blessing - which is a form of bidah. The blessing as described in Islam comes from reading or reciting the Quraan, not from hanging it up or placing it on shelves or turning it into artwork and three-dimensional images.
(3) This is contrary to the practice of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and the Rightly-Guided Khaleefahs (al-Khulafaa al-Raashidoon), may Allaah be pleased with them, who never did such a thing. The best way is to follow them, not to introduce bidah. History tells us that in places such as Andalusia, Turkey, etc., the adornment of houses and mosques with ornate carvings of aayaat only happened at times when the Muslims were weak and humiliated.
(4) Hanging up such pictures or plaques could lead to shirk, because some people think that these things are amulets that will protect the house and its people from evil and disease. This is shirk and is haraam, because the One Who really offers protection is Allaah, may He be glorified, and one of the means of gaining His protection is sincere recitation of the Quran and duaas taught in the Quraan and Sunnah.
(5) There is the risk that the Quraan may be used, in such cases, as a means of promoting ones business or increasing ones earnings. The Quraan should be protected from being used for such purposes. It is well-known that the production and sale of these pictures and plaques involves a great deal of extravagance and wasting money.
(6) Many of these plaques are painted with real gold, which makes using them and hanging them up even more haraam.
(7) Many of these plaques involve a kind of carelessness, because the letters are twisted into complex designs that are of no benefit to anyone because they are barely legible. Sometimes words are fashioned into the shape of a bird or a man prostrating, and similarly forbidden pictures of animate beings.
(8) Ayaat and soorahs of the Quraan are exposed to misuse and abuse by this practice. For example, when moving house, they are piled up with the rest of the furniture and belongings, and other objects may be placed on top of them. This also happens when they are taken down so that the wall may be painted or cleaned.
(9) Some Muslims whose observance of Islam is lacking put these plaques and pictures up so that they can feel that they are doing something religious, in order to reduce their feelings of guilt in spite of the fact that this practice does not help them in any way.
All in all, we must close the doors of evil and follow the leaders of guidance of the early centuries of Islam, whose people the Prophet (peace be upon him) testified were the best of the Muslims in faith and practice. If someone were to say, We are not going to abuse it or make it a decoration or exaggerate about it, we only want to remind people (about their religion) in our gatherings, our response would be: if we look at real life, will we find that this is what actually happens? Do people really remember Allah? Do they even read these aayaat when they raise their heads?
What really happens is the opposite: people go against the words hanging over their heads, they still tell lies, engage in gossip, make fun of others and do and say evil things. Even if we assume that there are some who do benefit from these plaques etc., the fact is that they are very few, and this does not change the hukm (Islamic ruling) on the matter.
The Muslims must turn to the Book of Allaah, read it and recite it, and act in accordance with it. We ask Allaah to make the Quraan a light of guidance for us, and a means of removing our grief and anxiety. May Allaah bless our Prophet Muhammad.

* *Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

06-18-2017 01:20 PM

La disposition rgissant laccrochage de quelques versets aux murs

Louange Allah
Accrocher des tableaux et des morceaux de tissu sur lequel sont crits des versets coraniques dans les chambres, les coles, les clubs, les centres commerciaux comporte des aspects contestables et suscite des apprhensions parmi lesquelles :. Il ya beaucoup davertissement sur cela.
1 Accrocher des tableaux a gnralement le but de dcorer les murs par des inscriptions des versets coraniques, des invocations, des belles couleurs. Tout cela est une dformation du sens du Coran qui est venu pour guider lhumanit par sa lecture. Le Coran nest pas venu pour dcorer les murs mais pour guider les gens.
2 Beaucoup de gens laccrochent sur les murs pour en tirer de la baraka. Ceci est une violation du sens du Coran, parce que la baraka autorise chercher est la lecture du Coran, et non sa suspension ou sa mise sur des tagres, afin de le transformer comme des tableaux.
3 Ceci est contraire ce que faisait le Prophte (bndiction et salut soient sur lui ) et les califes. On doit suivre leurs traces au lieu dinnover. Lhistoire atteste que linscription des versets coraniques sur les murs des maisons et des mosques a commenc en Andalousie, en Turquie, et, enfin, elle sest rpandue dans les autres pays musulmans, au moment du dclin du monde islamique.
4 Il y a, dans la suspension des versets du Coran, un prtexte au shirk. Car, quelques personnes croient que ces tableaux accrochs sont les protecteurs de la chambre et de ses habitants contre le mal, les vices. Ceci fait partie de lassociation dautres choses Allah, ce qui est formellement interdit. Celui qui protge rellement, cest Allah, le Trs Haut.
La lecture du Saint Coran et la formulation des invocations dAllah, avec crainte et certitude figurent parmi les moyens davoir Sa protection.
5 Ces inscriptions sont parfois considrer comme un moyen de faire marcher le commerce, lagriculture et davoir la chance.On doit loigner le Coran de tout cela. On sait galement que les tableaux cotent excessivement chers, ce qui constitue un gaspillage.
6 Beaucoup de ces tableaux sont enduits dor, ce qui renforce linterdiction de son utilisation.
7 Il y a en cela le but dexposer les versets aux abus des caligraphes qui font des onduls complexes et illisibles. Certains versets sont crits en forme doiseaux, dhomme en position de prosternation et autre chose, comme les photos de ceux qui ont une me, et cest interdit.
8 Il y a dans tout cela le but dexposer le Coran aux dangers. Par exemple, quand on dmnage dune maison une autre, on entasse les meubles les uns sur les autres. Il arrive souvent aussi quon peigne les inscriptions du Coran sur les murs ou quon y passe un coup de balai pour le nettoyage.
9 Certains musulmans ngligeants accrochent le Coran pour montrer quils sont des pratiquants pieux, afin dapaiser les blames de leurs propres consciences. Mais, tout cela ne leur servira rien.
En conclusion, il ne faut pas ouvrir la porte du mal. Nous devons suivre le chemin des minents imams et des musulmans du premier sicle lpoque du Prophte (bndiction et salut soient sur lui ) qui est le meilleur pour les convictions et pour lensemble des dispositions de leur religion.
Si quelqu'un dit quon na pas interdit de faire des dcorations par le Coran, nous nexagrons pas. Par contre, nous voulons faire, travers ces versets accrochs ,un rappel aux gens dans les places publiques.
Pour rpondre cela, si nous regardons bien, pouvons-nous trouver une ralit en cela ? Est-ce que lassistance se rappellera dAllah par les versets accrochs au dessus de leurs ttes ?.
Les musulmans doivent sorienter vers le livre dAllah, par sa lecture, et se conformer ses recommandations. Nous implorons Allah de faire entrer le Coran dans nos curs et les clairer, de nous loigner de langoisse et de nous sortir de nos craintes.

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